Feldenkrais Method®

Certified Practitioner, 2019

Montréal (Quebec)

Geneviève Pepin is a certified practioner in the Feldenkrais Method since 2019

A professional dancer and dance teacher for over thirty years, Geneviève has a very keen understanding of the body and its movement. In 2013, a serious hip injury drew her to the Feldenkrais Method. Won over by the beneficial effects on her body, she enrolled a professional training in 2015 and completed the program in 2019. She was certified in 2019.

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Functional Integration®

One on One sessions

  • Seeks to establish harmonious physical integration throughout the body in order to support our actions, whether in daily life, sport, art or at work.
  • Aims to improve the mobility of our various joints, rib cage, hips and spine.

Awareness Through Movement (ATM)®

In group Sessions

Each lesson :

  • Brings awareness through kinesthetic sensations.
  • May improve the range of movement of the area worked on during the lesson.
  • May provide a sense of general well-being and of lightness in the body.
  • May bring more ease of movement in daily activities, at work, in the practice of a sport or of an art.
  • May enhance awareness about: the flexibility of the joints; the coordination of movement; the mobility of the spine, the hips or the rib cage; as well as the presence of unwanted tensions in the body.

NOTE: This activity is not offered right now.