Feldenkrais Method ®

The Feldenkrais method has two aspects: Awareness Through Movement®, ATM and Functional Integration®, FI. In both cases the sensory and nervous systems are appeased and space is made for the body to develop heightened body movement conscience, gain mobility and find comfort.

During Functional Integration® sessions, body movements are initiated by the practitioner with her hands, while in Awareness Through Movement ® the practitioner guides the participants verbally into various movements.

Functional Integration ®

How a session unfolds

The participant lies down on a table (either on the back, side or stomach) or sits on a chair. The participant wears his/her/their own comfortable clothes. With her hands, softly and without intrusion, the practitioner guides the participant into tiny and smooth movements, allowing the participant to discover their own functional capacities. With a gentle touch, the practitioner invites the participant to pay close attention to any kinesthetic sensation that may arise. Through this exploration, the participant is made aware of new possibilities of physical organisation.

Required for a session

Wear a long sleeve shirt and long pants made out of soft comfortable fabric. Please do not wear a belt, nor any jewellery, including a watch.


Session duration: 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes

Price range: from $50 to $80 CAD, according to your capacity to pay. Exchange of services may be a possibility.

At home service: from $150 to $180 CAD

Awareness Through Movement ATM

In Group Sessions

Each lesson:

  • Brings awareness through kinesthetic sensations.
  • May improve the range of movement of the area worked on during the lesson.
  • May provide a sense of general well-being and of lightness in the body.
  • May bring more ease of movement in daily activities, at work, in the practice of a sport or of an art.
  • May enhance awareness about: the flexibility of the joints; the coordination of movement; the mobility of the spine, the pelvis or the rib cage; as well as the presence of unwanted tensions in the body. 

NOTE: This activity is not offered right now.